Monday, September 1, 2008

Tee Shirts, M&M's, and Bob Clearmountain!

Welcome to Elul and Labor day. As we turn the page on Summer, returning to school and work, here's an update on the Pioneers For A Cure project.
Mr. Bob Clearmountain last week mixed a beautiful track for us. "I Will Play My Flute" is an old pioneer song made fresh by Pharaoh's Daughter. The proceeds of this track are going to support the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Bob's mix is great. Thanks Bob!
When we got back from LA, there were two packages waiting. One with the initial tee shirt sample and another with a sample of the "Pioneers For A Cure" logo on a small bag of real M&M's, tied with a pink ribbon! I'm wearing the tee shirt now, very comfy 100% cotton, and the M&M's.... :-)