Monday, February 2, 2009

Pioneers For A Cure Superbowl Ad, on YouTube!

Pioneers For A Cure couldn't afford to waste money on network television, so we put our effort into releasing the Am Yisroel Chai video on Superbowl Sunday on YouTube. This video showcases most of the artists who have already donated their time and talent to raise money for cancer charities.

One question, should we only show those artists who are actually on this track, or is it OK to show more artists who did songs for Pioneers For A Cure, but weren't on Am Yisroel Chai?
Comments please. :-)


john autry said...

My sister Susan(Sunny) Goldenberg lost a two-year battle with pancreatic cancer in January 2010.
I wrote a song as a tribute to her. I have the song playing on my website www/ People can listen for free or download for$.99. Half of any money I make from this song is being donated to pancreatic cancer research. Right now the total is about 7 bucks for reasearch. Baby steps, but in the right direction. Please share my site with everyone. Come listen for free. john autry

Anonymous said...

Bad times make a good man.